Believing in sustainability. Religions facing the environmental challenge

Publication date: 
October 2019

In this essay the author proposes ten reasons for involving the world’s religions in the environmental debate. The ten reasons offer important keys for understanding the religious declarations of recent years as valid strategies for personal, institutional, and social transformation. The author seeks to open up the prophetic, ascetical, penitential, apocalyptic, sacramental, soteriological, mystical, wisdom, communitarian, and eschatological dimensions that pervade the spiritual experience of humankind. The articulation of these ten elements allows us to elaborate an environmental proposal of an interreligious nature.


Jesuit priest. He studied Forestry Engineering (ETSIM-Universitat de Lleida), graduated in Moral Theology (Boston College) and obtained his PhD in Theology (Universidad Pontificia Comillas) with a thesis on the relationship between environmental ethics and the evolution of Christian social thought. At Comillas Pontifical University he teaches several courses on sustainability, ethics and Christian social thought. He is also director of the Hana and Francisco Ayala Chair of Science, Technology and Religion (CTR Chair) and collaborates in the Cristianisme i Justícia team, participating in the ethics and sustainability group.


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