Democràcia i participació política

2 September 2020

In this Notebook the Author gathers together the response generated by COVID-19 among the political and economic classes and the consequences that are the prelude to future crises. Because once we are on the other side of the pandemic it is necessary to take on urgently the social and economic aspects of our system that should be questioned in order to foresee and avoid the recurrence in the near future of episodes like the one which we are now living.

1 November 2000
31 May 2010

The current neoliberal model of globalisation, far from slowing down the effects of environmental damages and guaranteeing basic rights, has instead brought about the commercialisation of the water market, and turned it into a new business opportunity increasing the vulnerability of the weakest sectors of society. We need to promote a “New Water Culture” which restores, within the framework of modernity, the old wisdom of our ancestor’s cultures that was based on an attitude of care and respect for Nature.

1 September 2014

More than half a century after its birth and despite its undoubted success, the European project appears to have run aground. The particular interests of the various countries once again are taking priority over the general interests of the community, and many citizens are showing themselves indifferent, if not hostile, to the European project. The collapse began earlier on, but it culminated with the extreme economic crisis we are now suffering. Is this the end of the road? Is it worth the trouble to continue in this Union, given the way they’ve left it?