Desigualtats Nord-Sud i globalització

28 June 2021

Visualizing “forgotten conflicts” is framed in the attempt by changing the focus and shifting it to situations that lack immediacy and that need to be visualized so that they do not fall into oblivion. In these pages that follow, you will find five extensive articles that review the causes, the development and possible future events in five countries in conflict.

27 May 2021

That was question asked by Hillary Clinton, then-Secretary of State, when she heard about the earthquake that had devastated Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. It is also the question that echoes all through this booklet. Readers themselves may also at first be asking: Why Haiti? Why Haiti? Why dedicate a whole booklet to Haiti? Maybe the reason is that now, ten years after that cataclysmic earthquake, it is the tiny, invisible country of Haiti that most clearly makes manifest all the injustices and contradictions of our globalization.

1 November 2000
1 August 2002
31 October 2004
1 June 2006

En el breu període que va de 2000 a 2003, gairebé la totalitat deles grans companyies farmacèutiques van passar pels tribunalsdels EEUU, acusades de pràctiques fraudulentes. Quines són aquestes actuacions? Qui en rep les conseqüències?Què mou a les companyies farmacèutiques a actuar així? Quinesrespostes s'estan produint davant d'aquests abusos i quines cal quees produeixin encara?