Religió i cultura

1 December 2005

This booklet tries to give an overview of the fundamentalist, an reflexion of its causes and its relation with religions, and it finishes with the presentation of several “ways of hope”, that is, it proposes ways of solution and hope in face of radicalism. 

29 February 2008

For years now, our society is becomingincreasingly conscious of a deep crisisin the Catholic Church. For some,this represents a confirmation of the end of Christianity. For others it represents something that could be described as a regression, or a “winter-time” of the Church (K. Rahner), a return to the bastions1, a State coup by the so-called “Theocons” or using the more traditional Teresian expression: “hard times”.

31 January 2013

In this Booklet the author sets himself a daunting objective: to delve into the diverse spiritual experiences—or “mysticisms”—that are at the base of the different world religions, with a view to allowing the various experiences to complement and cross-fertilize one another. It is only by entering into the heart of the mystical experiences that the way can be opened up for dialogue among them.

1 March 2015

So thoroughly has capitalism penetrated into our daily existence (work, social relations, entertainment, etc.) that an alternative system can be developed only by drawing on the same everyday elements. The author approaches this challenge by asking what contribution Christian faith can make as a way of life, and how this faith can be enriched in turn by the profound transformations taking place all around us. A serene dialogue characterized by respect and openness may allow us to come upon an unexpected revolution that will help humankind to move beyond the present state of crisis.

1 March 2016

Islam, the religion of the crescent moon, is expanding numerically and is present everywhere in the mass media. Presently it is in a state of turmoil, engaged in a profound internal debate about its relation to tradition. A great number of political, social, and economic components mix together in a true ideological civil war. This booklet offers a short but complete map which will help the reader to understand where Islam is today and where it is headed.