Coronavirus: one single humanity, one common vulnerability

Publication date: 
May 2020

The coronavirus has caught humanity off-guard. Death, so far from the daily experience of the self-proclaimed first world, has instead become an event that affects us closely, and in a terribly painful way due to the circumstances we find ourselves in. Although having been affected in many different ways, this is the first disease our generation has faced which affects the world at a universal level, yet it is from this fact that a light of hope springs forth: we may once again feel like one united humanity through the experience of our shared vulnerability.


JAUME FLAQUER, a Jesuit, is coordinator of the Theological Area of CristianismeiJustícia and professor in the Theology Faculty of Catalunya. He has a degree in Philosophy from the Universitat de Barcelona, a degree in Theology from the Centre Sèvres of Paris, and a PhD in Islamic Studies from the École Pratique des Hautes Études of Sorbonne with a thesis on the Sufi master Ibn Arabî. His previous publications with Cristianisme i Justícia are Fundamentalism (Booklet 121, 2005) and Itinerant live (Booklet 128, 2007).

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