Hospitality yes, hospitality always

Publication date: 
April 2022

There are things that are not within our reach, especially now, but it is within our reach to listen and to be attentive to the reality that confronts us. This reality requires us to place ourselves among the people, to draw close to those who suffer, and to do so with urgency. It requires us to help those who have been forced to leave their homes without knowing if they will ever be able to return. But not only this: we have to go further, as the Good Samaritan did who, after caring for the wounded man he found by the roadside, continued to look after him (Lk 10, 25-37). We also must find a way to offer hospitality ... permanently.


Director of the Fundació Migra Studium. Coordinator del Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes in Spain. Graduate in Sociology from the Universitat de Barcelona. Master's Degree in International Migration from IUEM-Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Deputy Director of Cristianisme i Justícia. He holds a degree in Psychology from the Universitat de Barcelona, a degree in Theology from the Institut de Teologia Fonamental and a Master's degree in Political Theory from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He is President of the Board of Trustees of Fundació Migra Studium.

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