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Immersion in the Manresa of Ignatius

Publication date: 
April 2018

The author, who for many years has been director of the Cave of Manresa, invites us on a geographical and spiritual journey through the life of Saint Ignatius. This pilgrimage, which is interior as well as exterior, can help us, as the saint takes our hand, to discover how God speaks to us through the places and persons of our lives.


Francesc Riera sj was director of Cristianisme i Justícia almost from its beginning and served for 25 years before becoming director of the Cave of Saint Ignatius in Manresa. He is presently coordinating the EIDES project, a collection of booklets on Ignatian spirituality. In an effort to help with evangelization in poor neighborhoods, he has prepared five pedagogically oriented commentaries on the synoptic gospels (published in Catalan and Spanish). He has published several works on the Exercises in Ordinary Life.

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