King Leopold’s Mines

Publication date: 
October 2013

Corporations, soldiers, politicians, NGOs …. and in the center, the suffering masses. These are the main actors in a drama that has been people’s daily experience in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for decades now, but the situation has grown worse due to the high demand for certain minerals that are especially plentiful in the African subsoil. This booklet introduces us to the complexities of this problem that exposes the contradictions of globalization.


Master in Human Rights an in Humanitarian InternationalLaw. Presently she’s responsible for the political advocacy in the Jesuit EuropeanSocial Center (JESC) in Brussels, where she leads a project on the CSR of miningfirms in Africa

Jesuit. PhD in Economics (University of Barcelona), Degree in Theology (Theological Faculty of Catalonia). Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Analysis at ESADE Business School.  He is a member of the Cristianisme i Justícia team.




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