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Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Ten Key Words

Publication date: 
November 2021

The pandemic has questioned the paradigm of self-sufficiency upon which our civilization is based and it has demonstrated the great limitations which our economic system has in order to guarantee the basic rights of all people, especially of those who find themselves in a situation of vulnerability. Flipping through pages in order to forget about this serious nightmare, in our opinion, is an error. Therefore, we propose ten lessons, ten key words that are signs of this time and which we should work at and examine, in a personal and communitarian way, so that all that we have lived during this last year and a half will not have been in vain.  


The Social Reflection Groups from the Faith are an initiative of the Apostolic Platforms of the Society of Jesus in Spain. Specifically, groups from Barcelona, Bilbao, Donostia, Granada, Zaragoza and Valencia took part.

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