In a short and easy to read format, here we present analysis of important issues affecting the modern world. Rather than offering definitive answers, these Papers hope to awaken an interest in the reader to continue exploring and reflecting upon the theme. We understand of course  that brevity is not necessarily incompatible with in-depth analysis of an issue.

Number Title Author Publication date
26 Reflection at the End of the Year. Motivated by Reality December 2022
25 Melilla Continues to Suffer November 2022
24 Hospitality yes, hospitality always April 2022
23 Year-End Reflection: Penultimate Words December 2021
22 Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Ten Key Words November 2021
21 Palestine: the Impossible Vindication June 2021
20 Vulnerability, Linkages, Vigilance April 2021
19 End-of-Year Reflection. After the Pandemic: An Opportunity for Brother and Sisterhood December 2020
18 The Virus of Inequality and the Pandemic of Poverty September 2020
17 The Settlements: a Challenging Way of Life July 2020
16 Anti-racist Struggles. The continuity of a very long memory June 2020
15 Coronavirus: one single humanity, one common vulnerability May 2020
14 Year-end Reflection: The Time Has Come to Forge New Bonds January 2020
13 A Kiss for Peace November 2019
12 Dark Clouds Loom … But The Sun Is Still There! January 2019
11 Christianity and the new right in Europe June 2018
10 Violence in the Islamic world February 2018
9 The dangerous resurgence of authoritarism: alternative accounts about the liberal order January 2018
8 Living Better with Less: Thirteen Proposals May 2017
7 Mending a World that is torne January 2017
6 Poverty, Your Name is Woman December 2016
5 The Spanish Arms Trade March 2016
4 Transforming the world through tender-heartedness and affection December 2015
3 Refugees. Victims of misrule and indifference September 2015
2 What is the TTIP? From democracy to the government of transnational companies June 2015
1 Islam's civil war March 2015
0 New Crossroads,New Signs of Hope December 2011