Refugees. Victims of misrule and indifference

Publication date: 
September 2015

59.5 million. This is the number of people who found themselves displaced from their country of origin in 2014 because of persecution, conflicts, widespread violence and human rights violations. That number is 8.3 million more people than in 2013. In this Paper, we look at the reasons behind such a worrying increase and we propose solutions in order to respond to a situation which is already out of control.


Member of the team of Cristianisme i Justícia. Degree in Psychology from the UB, in Theology from the Institute of Fundamental Theology and Master in Political Theory at Pompeu Fabra University. He has also collaborated with the Foundation for years
Migra Studium.

Jesuit has been working for years in the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in countries in conflict such as Liberia, Kenya or South Sudan. He is currently based in Barcelona where he works in the Hospitality project of the Migra Studium Foundation and coordinates the Spirituality area (EIDES) of Cristianisme i Justícia. 


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