The Settlements: a Challenging Way of Life

Publication date: 
July 2020

Looking at the issue of the right to housing means going beyond the four walls that make up a house, and implicates other rights associated with the individual also: feeling secure in one’s home, and not having to worry about being evicted at any moment, having basic needs met, not having to live in a toxic or dangerous environment, etc... Half of the world’s population live in cities and the majority of these lack adequate infrastructure and services. This Paper is not written from a theoretical point of view, but rather from the experience of and direct contact with informal settlements, which still exist today in the city of Barcelona.


Comunicadora social. Ha buscado siempre realizar una comunicación que pusiese en el centro las personas y que diese a conocer realidades sociales invisibles. Trabaja como técnica de comunicación de Arrels Fundació, entidad dedicada a la atención de las personas sin hogar de Barcelona. Desde hace años viene colaborando también con la  Associació d'Amics del Quart Món. 

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