A silent presence

Publication date: 
November 2016

The Holy Spirit might seem at first sight absent from the Exercises, but such is not in fact the case. The author of our booklet re-reads the experience of the Exercises, uncovering the Spirit's silent presence there. What might initially have seemed a cerebral, tough, ascetic text is shown to be a source of mystical prayer of profoundly contemporary relevance.


Has a doctorate in theology. Since 1982 he has lived in Bolivia, where he has been working with people's organitzacions and assisting with the formation of lay people in Oruro and Santa Cruz. He is a professor of theology at the Universidad Catòlica Bolivia in Cochabamba and also does pastoral ministry in working-class neighborhoods. His publications for Cristianisme i Justícia include: Lluis Espinal (Cuaderno 64), Acoger o rechazar el clamordel explotado [Accepting or Rejecting the Cry of the Exploited] (Cuaderno 23), and L. Espinal,un catalán mártir de justicia [L. Espinal, a Catalonian Martyr for Justice] (Cuaderno 2). Victor died on 22 May 2023.

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