Wake up! Proposals for a Decentred Humanism

Publication date: 
May 2019

Jorge Riechmann calls the 21st century the “Century of the Great Test,” for he sees it as the century in which the future of the planet and the survival of the human race are at stake. Viewing this challenge from the perspectives of philosophy, theology, and eco-feminism, the authors ask about the possibility of changing the current course of our civilization, so that we begin to pursue other goals and promote other values, such as welcoming the stranger, caring for what is fragile, making peace with nature, and accepting ourselves as the vulnerable and mortal beings that we are.


Poet, translator, essayist, mathematician, philosopher, ecologist and Doctor in Political Sciences. Associate Professor of Moral Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Since 2013, he coordinates the Transdisciplinary Research Group on Socio-ecological Transitions. He writes a  blog at: http://www.tratarde.org.

Jesuit. Member of the Área Teológica de Cristianisme i Justícia. His works include La humanidad nueva. Ensayo de cristología (1974); Acceso a Jesús (1979) and Proyecto de hermano, Visión creyente del hombre (1989). His other books are El rostro humano de Dios (2008), Otro mundo es posible... desde Jesús (2009) and Herejías del catolicismo actual (2013). Cristianisme i Justícia republished his work Vicarios de Cristo: los pobres (Vicars of Christ: the Poor) in 2018. He is the author of numerous booklets published in this collection. 


Director of the SIP Foundation (the Peace Research Conference), the Pignatelli Centre, Saragossa, and president of WILPF Spain (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom).

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