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Women of Care. Justice, Care and Transformation

Publication date: 
August 2012

The ethics of care has often been ignored by traditional ethics, which has relegated it to the private or domestic sphere or has assigned it exclusively to women.   In a world wounded by poverty and inequality it becomes necessary to recover a Christian vision of justice that spells out the meaning of caring for others and for the Earth and that impels us toward social transformation.  That is precisely what theologian Lucía Ramón does in this booklet.


Lucía Ramón Carbonell is professor of Ecumenism on the Theology Faculty of Valencia and professor of Feminist Theology in EFETA. She isauthor of Queremos el pan y las rosas. Emancipación de las mujeres y cristianismo [We Want Bread and Roses: the Emancipation of Women andChristianity], Madrid, Ediciones HOAC, 2011, 2nd ed. She is a member ofCristianisme i Justícia.

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