Help us

A free subscription?

From its very start Cristianisme i Justícia has believed that the deliberations and reflections that go on at the center should be made available to everybody. It's for that reason that our booklets are distributed free to everyone who requests them. This policy allows us to reach many persons who use our booklets to work toward social transformation (teachers, social activists, politicians, journalists, etc.). We want our reflections to be widely known and made to bear fruit. 

But how are the booklets financed?

In order to make this wide distribution possible, all those who believe in this project are asked to collaborate economically. Publishing and mailing the booklets is very costly in terms of materials, personnel, and postage. In order to help us cover these expenses, we request an annual or even an occasional donation from all those who can afford it. With a contribution of just 22 Euros a year, you make it possible for these booklets to reach an ever greater number of people.

If I don't contribute, will I still continue to receive the booklets?

Of course you will. If you can't help economically, we will continue sending you the booklets just as we have till now. So don't think you'll miss out on the booklets if you're unable to contribute. Our main concern is that as many people as possible read the booklets and take seriously the reflections they contain. In this way we hope it will become possible for all of us, little by little, to find the answers we need to create a world that is more just, more fraternal, and more attentive to those in greatest need

We send our booklets to more than 55.000 people all over the world