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Diary of a Pandemic

Virtual Collection
Fecha de publicación: 
Diciembre 2020

We are beginning 2021 with our eyes fixed on the end of the pandemic. It seems that now the question is not about when all of this will end, but about how that will be accomplished and how will life be after this very intense time. The immanence of the vaccine – at least in what are called the “northern countries”- leads us to believe that we can return to the same routine as before. Nevertheless, along the way, the virus of poverty continues to wreak havoc. Will we have learned something from the time that we have spent confined to our homes? Let’s take advantage of this moment to stop and review all that we have lived. We can do that by reviewing those slogans that have accompanied us all these months. When an expression becomes popular it is because it hides within it something essential about the spirit of our time. To find its deeper significance ought to help us to rearm ourselves interiorly so as to live the year 2021 with more serenity, lucidity and commitment.

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