Attracted By God: 49 Spiritual Practices

Publication date: 
November 2019

You have in your hands a compilation of practices that seek to be an aid for personal and community prayer. These 49 spiritual practices include a variety of approaches to God that have been inspired by pastoral ministry and psychology. From the most elementary function of human nature —breathing— to the highest operation —language— each person will be able to choose an appropriate manner of praying by focusing attention on one resource or another. We hope that this booklet will help both those seeking to advance in the spiritual life and those who wish to help others to do so.


Jesuit priest with licentiates in educational Psychology (Universitat de Barcelona) and Theology (Centre Sèvres and Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya). At the present time he lives and works at the International Center for Spirituality in Manresa, where he directs the Spiritual Exercises and does pastoral ministry at the Sanctuary of the Cave of Saint Ignatius.

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