The Lluis Espinal Foundation (CJ)


The Luís Espinal Foundation is a private non-profit foundation. Its object therefore, according to the Foundation’s rules is: to promote cultural dialogue between the social sciences and the study of theology, paying particular attention to:

  • issues that arise from the practical application of working towards a more just world (at both local and international levels).
  • theological and humanist debate on fundamental and cutting-edge issues.
  • the need for all discussion to take place in the context of a profound inner “experience”.

These aims of the foundation are carried out throught the institutional support and promotion of the Centre d'Estudis Cristianisme i Justícia.

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Who are we?

CRISTIANISME I JUSTÍCIA is a study center dedicated to reflecting on social and theological issues.
At the urging of the Jesuits of Catalonia, the center was created in 1981 as an attempt to respond to the important mission of "serving faith and promoting justice."
The center brings together an interdisciplinary team of more than 80 professors of the social sciences and theology, as well as other professionals and experts who are direct contact with concrete social realities.

Our aim is the following:

Through social and theological REFLECTION, we seek to:

  • analyze the social situation exhaustively
  • criticize it from a perspective of commitment
  • propose alternatives

and thus contribute to the TRANSFORMATION of those realities which produce injustices. In this way we hope to progress toward a world that is more humane and more just, and toward a Church which serves the poor better, in COLLABORATION with other persons and organizations that have similar objectives.

How do we do this?

Our work is carried out basically on two levels:

  • Interdisciplinary study and reflection by means of internal seminars and working groups
  • Dissemination of our findings through courses, conferences, social networks, and especially our booklets, which are sent out to more than 45,000 persons around the world