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New issue of GUIDES written by Carles Marcet.

St Ignatius dictated his autobiographical reminiscences to Fr Gonçalves da CĂąmara shortly before his death. This booklet aims to help us re-examine our own biographies in the light of Ignatius’s, not something purely anecdotal or chronological but one attending to force lines that are at work within. We may grow through the discovery that God has led our own lives too, ‘dealing with us in the same way as a schoolmaster deals with a child, teaching him’ [Au 27].

At each stage we will plot the historical context in which Ignatius’s life is set; his inner life, or what is happening...

New booklet published by Clara MarĂ­a Temporelli.
Throughout history, God acts and shows himself in many ways, and especially in his martyred male and female friends. Even at the cost of their lives such women undeniably witness to the identification and rejection of political systems that turn their backs on the most basic huuman rights. This booklet seeks to further their recognition and help us understand why such apparently fragilebeings should have come to threaten those who are powerful in worldly terms.

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End-of-Year Reflection
We take leave of the year 2016 with a long list of unresolved problems, to which new ruptures keep getting added. The pain keeps increasing, and the deaths of so many “saints Innocents” threaten to eclipse whatever hopes are engendered by the “birth” of many initiatives of solidarity. Those of us at Cristianisme i Justícia want to make a plea for dialogue and debate so as to keep from advancing toward the precipice. For, despite all the evidence, our faith in humanity and in what is most sacred therein encourages us to believe that we can help to turn the tide.

New booklet published by José Laguna
Eschatology is concerned with the 'beyond'. Politics, on the other hand, deals with this world, in its public dimension. Politics and eschatology are intimately linked : the former, because without the ultimate goal of a common good present dispensations degenerate into mere bureaucracy ; the latter, since invoking a Heaven that demands no historical transformation 'on Earth' is mere escapism and phoney spirituality.

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New paper published by Sonia Herrera.
The feminization of poverty has been long invisible, since analyses of poverty and social exclusion have not taken gender into account. The difficulty of access to education, to land and to credit together with greater in security and vulnerability in the labour market have contributed to female impoverishment, with the result that 'poverty has a woman's face'. This state of affairs needs to become more visible with gender understood as a risk factor when it comes to undergoing poverty.

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New issue of GUIDES written by Victor Codina
The Holy Spirit might seem at first sight absent from the Exercises, but such is not in fact the case. The author of our booklet re-reads the experience of the Exercises, uncovering the Spirit's silent presence there. What might initially have seemed a cerebral, tough, ascetic text is shown to be a source of mystical prayer of profoundly contemporary relevance.

You can download it by clicking here.

New booklet published by Cristianisme i JustĂ­cia
In the thirty-fifth year of its existence, Cristianisme i JustĂ­cia now issues its 200th booklet. We have always sought to kindle hope and feed a widely-shared desire for a world that is more just and more fraternal. In keeping with that desire and alert to the world around us, the present publication aims to provide a clear account of the teamwork in which our Centre is engaged, and a reliable guide to the challenges on which Cristianisme i JustĂ­cia reflects now and in the future. We also invite to join us all those engaged in dialogue between faith and the struggle for a juster world...
New paper published by Eduardo Melero
Spain is a leading arms exporter, and despiteregulation in theory, there is no absolute ban on exports to countries where there are grave violations of human rights. These are even authorised 'for humanitarian purposes'. Government's actions are characterised by secrecy and the active encouragement of arms exports, using theseas an instrument of foreign policy.

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link you will have the...
7th may to 18th june 2017.
The Ignatian charism has clearly a valuable contribution to make to Christian life in our worldtoday. This course provides an opportunity to study the legacy of Ignatius of Loyola in some depth,both as an inspiration for authentic Christian living in contemporary society and Church, and as ameans for the spiritual formation of individuals and groups.

The Course is geared to the broad Ignatian family (Jesuits, members of other religious institutesand lay people) and it will be run in English.

We begin by looking at the personal experience of Ignatius, the pilgrim, an...
New booklet published by Jaume Flaquer
Islam, the religion of the crescent moon, is expanding numerically and is present everywhere in the mass media. Presently it is in a state of turmoil, engaged in a profound internal debate about its relation to tradition. A great number of political, social, and economic components mix together in a true ideological civil war. This booklet offers a short but complete map which will help the reader to understand where Islam is today and where it is headed.

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