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New booklet published by Jaume Botey.

We cannot understand modern-day Europe without understanding the role played by Luther in the Reformation of the 16th century. That event went far beyond the religious realm and revealed the existence of two cultures, two models of social relations, two manners of understanding political power, and even two economic systems. Many of the topics debated during the Reformation and the early Renaissance period are still being debated in our contemporary European society, which is as perplexed and perplexing today as it was in those days.

New booklet published by Jesús Sanz.

Change and social transformation, addressed form a polyhedral point of view, are the central issues of this booklet. 

In a time where it seems the course of history is accelerating, we reflect on the present time drawing from some of the most relevant political events in the last years; we make an approach to the notions of change and transformation and, finally, we take a closer look to some of the areas from which we can work for social change and transformation, attempting to start from a hopeful gaze over reality although this is not always easy. 

Cristianisme i Justícia join the pain of the victims and claim no more deaths in the name of God

From Barcelona, with deep sadness, we join the pain of the victims and their familiars of the attack perpetrated yesterday, 17th August 2017. Our city, plural and diverse, always welcoming and peace defending, has been a victim of this terrorist barbarism that affects our 21st century.

New issue of GUIDES written by Carles Marcet.

St Ignatius dictated his autobiographical reminiscences to Fr Gonçalves da Câmara shortly before his death. This booklet aims to help us re-examine our own biographies in the light of Ignatius’s, not something purely anecdotal or chronological but one attending to force lines that are at work within. We may grow through the discovery that God has led our own lives too, ‘dealing with us in the same way as a schoolmaster deals with a child, teaching him’ [Au 27].

New booklet published by Clara María Temporelli.

Throughout history, God acts and shows himself in many ways, and especially in his martyred male and female friends. Even at the cost of their lives such women undeniably witness to the identification and rejection of political systems that turn their backs on the most basic huuman rights. This booklet seeks to further their recognition and help us understand why such apparently fragilebeings should have come to threaten those who are powerful in worldly terms.

End-of-Year Reflection

We take leave of the year 2016 with a long list of unresolved problems, to which new ruptures keep getting added. The pain keeps increasing, and the deaths of so many “saints Innocents” threaten to eclipse whatever hopes are engendered by the “birth” of many initiatives of solidarity. Those of us at Cristianisme i Justícia want to make a plea for dialogue and debate so as to keep from advancing toward the precipice. For, despite all the evidence, our faith in humanity and in what is most sacred therein encourages us to believe that we can help to turn the tide.

New booklet published by José Laguna

Eschatology is concerned with the 'beyond'. Politics, on the other hand, deals with this world, in its public dimension. Politics and eschatology are intimately linked : the former, because without the ultimate goal of a common good present dispensations degenerate into mere bureaucracy ; the latter, since invoking a Heaven that demands no historical transformation 'on Earth' is mere escapism and phoney spirituality.

New paper published by Sonia Herrera.

The feminization of poverty has been long invisible, since analyses of poverty and social exclusion have not taken gender into account. The difficulty of access to education, to land and to credit together with greater in security and vulnerability in the labour market have contributed to female impoverishment, with the result that 'poverty has a woman's face'. This state of affairs needs to become more visible with gender understood as a risk factor when it comes to undergoing poverty.

New booklet published by Cristianisme i Justícia

In the thirty-fifth year of its existence, Cristianisme i Justícia now issues its 200th booklet. We have always sought to kindle hope and feed a widely-shared desire for a world that is more just and more fraternal. In keeping with that desire and alert to the world around us, the present publication aims to provide a clear account of the teamwork in which our Centre is engaged, and a reliable guide to the challenges on which Cristianisme i Justícia reflects now and in the future.

New issue of GUIDES written by Victor Codina

The Holy Spirit might seem at first sight absent from the Exercises, but such is not in fact the case. The author of our booklet re-reads the experience of the Exercises, uncovering the Spirit's silent presence there. What might initially have seemed a cerebral, tough, ascetic text is shown to be a source of mystical prayer of profoundly contemporary relevance.

You can download it by clicking here.

New paper published by Eduardo Melero

Spain is a leading arms exporter, and despiteregulation in theory, there is no absolute ban on exports to countries where there are grave violations of human rights. These are even authorised 'for humanitarian purposes'. Government's actions are characterised by secrecy and the active encouragement of arms exports, using theseas an instrument of foreign policy.Entering this link you will have the possibility to download this paper.If you have the possibility you can also help us with a contribution.

7th may to 18th june 2017.

The Ignatian charism has clearly a valuable contribution to make to Christian life in our worldtoday.

New booklet published by Jaume Flaquer

Islam, the religion of the crescent moon, is expanding numerically and is present everywhere in the mass media. Presently it is in a state of turmoil, engaged in a profound internal debate about its relation to tradition. A great number of political, social, and economic components mix together in a true ideological civil war.

On January 14 there took place a meeting of several centers of social thought and action of the Society of Jesus in Europe.

On Thursday, January 14, there took place in Brussels a meeting of several centers of social thought and action of the Society of Jesus in Europe. The purpose of the meeting, convoked by José Ignacio García, was to reinforce the bridges that have been created among these centers and to establish new common projects.

New booklet published by Andrés Torres Queiruga, José Ignacio González Faus, Jesús Martínez Gordo and Xavier Alegre

Drawing on various biblical, theological, and ecclesiological arguments, four theologians agree on the need to apply the principle of mercy in the case of divorced persons who have remarried. Without slighting the value of the indissolubility of marriage, they grant greater centrality to acceptance and communion.Entering this link you will have the possibility to download this and all other booklets we publish.If you wish to receive them in paper remember you can sign up. If you have the possibility you can also help us with a contribution.

New paper published by Cristianisme i Justícia

In a world that is hostile towards life and humanity, that hardens hearts and pulls us apart, we take as our starting-point, and as the lens through which to view the world and its people, a revolution favouring affection and tender-heartedness. As 2015 draws to a close, we want to spotlight five areas that we believe to be in particular need of acceptance or transformation.Entering this link you will have the possibility to download this paper.If you have the possibility you can also help us with a contribution.

New issue of GUIDES written by Oriol Tuñí

Often we come to the Exercises thinking about ourselves, perhaps even a bit anguished at what we believe might turn into a new inspection of our interior lives. If this is the case with you, then you will certainly be relieved to know that the focus of the points for prayer that you will find here is not on ourselves but on Jesus, and more concretely it is on the Jesus presented to us in the Gospel of Luke.Entering this link you will have the possibility to download this and all other booklets we publish.If you wish to receive them in paper remember you can sign up.

Chronicle of the Inaugural Act of the 2015-26 Academic Year with Archbishop Santiago Agrelo

On Monday, October 5, the Archbishop of Tangiers, Santiago Agrelo, took part in the inauguration of the academic year of the Cristianisme i Justícia study center in Barcelona, where he delivered a discourse titled, “Borders Against the Poor, Borders Against Christ.” Born in Galicia in 1942, Santiago Agrelo was a Franciscan missionary before being named archbishop of Tangiers in 2007, and since then he has become well known for his defense of the rights of migrants and for his condemnation of migratory policies that do not respect the rights of persons.

New booklet published by J.I. González Faus

Recalling Saint Thomas’s "five ways" for approaching the reality of God, the author of this booklet proposes five other ways (science, philosophy, ethics, esthetics, and mysticism). While accepting that "in God we can only believe,” he does not concede that faith is irrational and unfounded. The booklet is dedicated “To all those who are searching, perhaps with great eagerness, and don’t seem to find anything.

New Paper by Pau Vidal and Santi Torres

59.5 million. This is the number of people who found themselves displaced from their country of origin in 2014 because of persecution, conflicts, widespread violence and human rights violations.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a free trade treaty which is being negotiated between the United States of America and the European Union since 2013. If you haven't heard about it yet, it is because the chief negotiators of the two regions have kept it a secret during the different stages of discussions.

New paper published by Jaume Flaquer

Islam is at war, but as opposed to what one might think, it is not at war with the West but rather, it is at war with itself. We are talking about a real civil war, a great division or fitnah, and one which is very complex.

New booklet published by Oscar Mateos

This booklet aims to analyse which elements characterise the political, social and economic reality of Africa against the backdrop of the new political and economic context of the modern world, (multipolarity, the leadership of emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil, as well as so-called South-South Cooperation).

New booklet published by Joan Carrera

So thoroughly has capitalism penetrated into our daily existence (work, social relations, entertainment, etc.) that an alternative system can be developed only by drawing on the same everyday elements. The author approaches this challenge by asking what contribution Christian faith can make as a way of life, and how this faith can be enriched in turn by the profound transformations taking place all around us. A serene dialogue characterized by respect and openness may allow us to come upon an unexpected revolution that will help humankind to move beyond the present state of crisis.

News Guides published by Pedro Arrupe

The Tenth European Congress of Jesuit Alumni was coming to an end. On the afternoon of August 1, 1973, the closing session was solemnly convened. Then Fr. Arrupe, with his usual energy and enthusiasm and perhaps even more, gave the following conference. Limitations of time did not permit him to read the whole text, but the Acts of the Congress later published it as written. A conference that would change the Society of Jesus.

New booklet published by Sonia Herrera

As examples of vulnerable situations for women go, there is surely none more precarious than that of the journey of migrant women attempting to cross borders. The author of this booklet examines in depth the sexual violence that these women suffer on their migratory path.

News Guides published by Francesc Riera

This plan for the Ignatian Exercises is based on the proposal made by Saint Ignatius in Annotation 19, where he speaks of persons whose required activities make it impossible for them to withdraw in solitude for an extended time. The exercises in ordinary life are thus proposed as an adaptation that can help many persons have a profound experience of God at the very heart of their daily activities.Entering this link you will have the possibility to download this Guides.

New booklet published by Alfons Calderón and Luis Sols

More than half a century after its birth and despite its undoubted success, the European project appears to have run aground. The particular interests of the various countries once again are taking priority over the general interests of the community, and many citizens are showing themselves indifferent, if not hostile, to the European project. The collapse began earlier on, but it culminated with the extreme economic crisis we are now suffering. Is this the end of the road?

News Guides published by Darío Mollá

This booklet aims to present in a simple, practical way some of the most basic features of the way of life that Ignatian spirituality proposes. In this essay the author, while remaining faithful to the basic intuitions of Saint Ignatius Loyola, exercises some freedom with regard to his formulations. As much as possible, he tries to stay close to the daily life of those of us who are caught up in this busy world but who still seek with desire and humility “to love and serve in all we do.”Entering this link you will have the possibility to download this Guides.

New booklet published by José Ignacio González Faus

Gaudium et Spes is surely the most novel document produced by the Second Vatican Council. In this booklet the author offers a reading which delineates three spheres where the Church can offer her good news to a wounded world: justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.