"Thank you very much!"

Our sincere appreciation for the commitment of the readers of Cristianisme i Justícia in times of exceptionality

Gemma Campmany is the secretary and the person in charge of attending to the enquiries that come in from all over the world from our thousands of readers. During the pandemic she has continued to attend the mail and telephone, and has been moved by reading and listening to the testimonies you have sent her. For this reason she wants to thank you in this short letter. The whole team feel the same way. Thank you very much!

Gemma Campmany. This pandemic has been a strange experience for all of us, we are lost in a world that has come to a standstill and we have no idea what each day will bring. At the same time, this experience has invited us to turn our glance inwards and reflect upon our life: which direction do we want to move in? Where do we need to focus our attention?

The speed of our busy lifestyles means that sometimes we are not aware of what is really essential and what the meaning of our life is. We often say that our publications reach more than 55,000 readers around the world, but perhaps we are forgetting that each reader is an individual with a story and a reason as to why they are following us.

This is why we would now like to share our personal experience of that readership with you, following the response we have received from our readers in their letters and phone calls.

On the one hand, we have readers who have accompanied us for their whole lives. They often let us know how they have enjoyed reading our pieces, and how it has encouraged them to reflect on topics with family and friends. Through these messages, we have come to realise that the booklets form part of your daily lives and have also become a source of reflection for you.

On the other hand, we also receive kindness from readers in other countries, and it is wonderful when they thank us for sending the booklets to far and distant places. In spite of the distance separating us, we feel very close to them.

Faced with the complexity of the current time, it moved us to hear that people bought booklets to read to sick family members. News like this encourages us to work more passionately and with greater dedication than ever. This year, we found that during this time of quarantine, our publications have kept you company and you have asked us for extra copies to share and make known to others. Little by little, our network of readers is growing.

We should also say that at times you have called us to say that you didn’t like a certain booklet, or that you didn’t agree with its contents, or that you didn’t understand its meaning. With great kindness, you have told us that you would wait for our next publication to see if you would understand that one better. Thank you for your patience and trust in being able to tell us this.

We would also like to remember those readers who form part of various groups like parishes and associations, nursing homes and religious congregations. You often tell us that the booklets are shared at your meetings and bring a "breath of fresh air" to your reflections. We are very grateful for this.

Neither do we want to forget our older readers who tell us that although they find it hard to read now, they still encourage us to continue our work. At the same time, we would like to make a special mention to those who have recently passed away, with these people we were able to grow and share our story.

We have an important commitment to our readers; it is because of them that we try harder each day. Their experiences and acknowledgement encourage us to work together to build a project based on reflection with both human and spiritual insight, which we believe is very important.

This is why we would like to thank you, for always being there. We would like to both acknowledge and thank you for your loyalty and commitment towards us. Thank you for being part of our project and for helping us to create such a vast network of friends!