From Barcelona, with deep sadness

Cristianisme i Justícia join the pain of the victims and claim no more deaths in the name of God

From Barcelona, with deep sadness, we join the pain of the victims and their familiars of the attack perpetrated yesterday, 17th August 2017. Our city, plural and diverse, always welcoming and peace defending, has been a victim of this terrorist barbarism that affects our 21st century. For a long time, as a study center, we have tried to analyze the causes of violence, inequality in the world, the use of religions as an ideological instrument for division and confrontation, but today we have to rise again in defense of plurality, respect and freedom and join all religious, Muslim and Christian communities, as well as all organized civil society that is committed to a future of coexistence and peace. No more deaths in the name of God.

Barcelona, August 18, 2017

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