Islam's civil war

Publication date: 
March 2015

Islam is at war, but as opposed to what one might think, it is not at war with the West but rather, it is at war with itself. We are talking about a real civil war, a great division or fitnah, and one which is very complex. The jihadi attacks which Europe is experiencing at the moment, instead of just being about a clash of cultures, represent the importation of an internal Islamic conflict which is affecting us through the population that has come from countries with a Muslim majority, and from the political interference of the West on the international scene.


JAUME FLAQUER, a Jesuit, is coordinator of the Theological Area of CristianismeiJustícia and professor in the Theology Faculty of Catalunya. He has a degree in Philosophy from the Universitat de Barcelona, a degree in Theology from the Centre Sèvres of Paris, and a PhD in Islamic Studies from the École Pratique des Hautes Études of Sorbonne with a thesis on the Sufi master Ibn Arabî. His previous publications with Cristianisme i Justícia are Fundamentalism (Booklet 121, 2005) and Itinerant live (Booklet 128, 2007).

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