Conflictes bèl·lics

28 June 2021

Visualizing “forgotten conflicts” is framed in the attempt by changing the focus and shifting it to situations that lack immediacy and that need to be visualized so that they do not fall into oblivion. In these pages that follow, you will find five extensive articles that review the causes, the development and possible future events in five countries in conflict.

14 June 2021

These days we are witnessing a new outbreak of the extremely unequal war between Gaza and Israel, where military victory is assured in advance. This conflict will not cause refugees because, unlike other people, Gaza's civilian population has nowhere to go. Israel's total control of Gaza’s borders, combined with Egypt's determination not to become another Lebanon by receiving Palestinians, makes this region a prison for its inhabitants.

12 November 2019

On the 10th and 11th April, a spiritual retreat took place at the Casa Santa Marta, (in the Vatican), with the leaders of South Sudan, Salva Kiir and Riek Machar, the most prominent figures in the South Sudanese conflict. The retreat ended with the presence of Pope Francis, who called for peace, but in such a special way that the whole world took notice: he got down on his knees and kissed the feet of the leaders responsible for the conflict, one by one, and without exception.

1 March 2015

Islam is at war, but as opposed to what one might think, it is not at war with the West but rather, it is at war with itself. We are talking about a real civil war, a great division or fitnah, and one which is very complex. The jihadi attacks which Europe is experiencing at the moment, instead of just being about a clash of cultures, represent the importation of an internal Islamic conflict which is affecting us through the population that has come from countries with a Muslim majority, and from the political interference of the West on the international scene.

1 January 2003
1 October 2001
30 September 2000
30 April 2006

A few months ago in Madrid, I came across a Bolivian woman who had emigrated to Spain, where she was living without any documentation, and was therefore living outside the law in her new home. I askedher why she had abandoned Bolivia. “In Bolivia” –she told me– “nobodywas concerned about me. The State offered no sort of provisions for elderly citizens and if I had stayed, I would have spent the rest of mydays living in poverty and insecurity”.

1 March 2016

Islam, the religion of the crescent moon, is expanding numerically and is present everywhere in the mass media. Presently it is in a state of turmoil, engaged in a profound internal debate about its relation to tradition. A great number of political, social, and economic components mix together in a true ideological civil war. This booklet offers a short but complete map which will help the reader to understand where Islam is today and where it is headed.