Time and Reflection

Cristianisme i Justicia affirms the need for a deliberate reflection in their Christmas campaign

To analyze reality adequately requires time and reflection. Cristianisme i Justicia presents today their Christmas campaign, affirming taking one’s time and the need to understand our world through a shared reflection which is rigorous and deliberate.

With a history of 40 years and 225 Booklets published and distributed free throughout the world, the work of a Centre like Cristianisme i Justicia continues to make sense in the scattered world of today and it allows for a change of focus, directing it toward invisible conflicts in order to offer a more careful analysis of reality.

The campaign that we begin today and which will spread out over the month of December, truly shows the difficulty of finding space for reflection, while at the same time we are asked to respond with immediacy to the polemics which take place on the networks. To let go of a fear of silence, to place in context what is happening, and above all to do it in dialogue and in community, ought to allow us to comprehend our world better from a viewpoint of commitment and transformation.

During the month of December, the campaign will be broadcast through three videos. The first – a dialog between Sonia Herrera and Jorge Picó concerning slowing down – is being published today.

The Booklets respond to that necessity. With a circulation of nearly 50,000 copies, they cover fundamental questions with a clear format and transparency. This year we have published five, and they have had to do with questions like the current situation of human rights, post-truth, or the post-pandemic scenarios that have opened up as a result of the social, political and economic conflict which we are living lately.

Nevertheless, that does not mean taking our eyes off of current events, but rather precisely to equip ourselves with the elements that allow us to respond more rigorously. This look at current events from Cristianisme i Justicia will be found in the blog, a space for an encounter and dialog between faith, culture and justice, conducted by a dynamic and diverse community of reflection attentive to the reality that surrounds us.

The principal source of financing for the Centre, more than 90%, comes from the donations of individuals. In order to collaborate with Cristianisme i Justicia, you can visit this link.