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The CJ Booklets

With a distribution of over 50.000 copies, our Booklets are the most important result of the reflection of the Centre d'Estudis Cristianisme i JustĂ­cia. In a clear and easy-reading format, the Booklets treat those key issues currently affecting the dialogue between faith and justice.
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163. Friends of god, prophets of the people Clara MarĂ­a Temporelli
162. Steeping on the Moon. Eschatology and Politics José Laguna
161. New Frontiers, the Same Commitment Cristianisme i JustĂ­cia
160. From hostility to hospitality Miguel González
159. Islam: The crescent moon... waxing Jaume Flaquer GarcĂ­a
158. Remaking Life. Divorce, Acceptance, and Communion
157. God? J.I. González Faus
156. From "tragedy" to "miracle"? Africa in the new... Oscar Mateos
155. The revolution of every day. Christianity, Capitalism and Post-... Joan Carrera Carrera
154. Trapped in limbo. Women, migration and sexual violence Sonia Herrera Sánchez
153. Europe at the crossroads
152. A New Church for a New World J.I. González Faus
151. Leo Tolstoy, Political Prophet and Evangelical Anarchist Antoni Blanch
150. Fifty years ago there was a council… Victor Codina
149. King Leopold’s Mines
148. Evangelical Dystopias José Laguna
147. Unicity of God. Multiplicity of mysticisms J.I. González Faus
146. Winds of Change. The Church and the Signs of the Times Javier Vitoria
145. Women of Care. Justice, Care and Transformation LucĂ­a Ramon Carbonell
144. “I’m coming Lord.” Contemplatives in relation J.I. González Faus
143. Taking stock of reality, taking responsability for reality, and... José Laguna
142. Agro-industry under suspicion
141. A difficult relationship. Christianity and Society from an ethical... Joan Carrera Carrera
140. Breaking bread. Notes for a political theology of migration.... Daniel Izuzquiza
139. Global water crisis: Values and rights at stake. Pedro Arrojo Agudo
138. No thingness dressed up: Fraternity stripped bare. J.I. González Faus
137. Christian resistance and hope in an unjust world. Xavier Alegre
136. Fear of Jesus: a diagnosis. J.I. González Faus
135. Kenotic revolution, revolutionary descent: The Spiritual Politics... Daniel Izuzquiza
134. The questions we carry within us. Josep Giménez
133. Why I came back to the faith. V.V.A.A.
132. The Christology of J. Ratzinger-Benedict XVI. JesĂşs MartĂ­nez Gordo
131. Building a sense of community. MÂŞ Dolors Oller Sala
130. Is private property theft? Demetrio Velasco Criado
129. What is happening in the church?
128. Itinerant lives. Jaume Flaquer GarcĂ­a
127. Identities for the 21st century. Joan Carrera Carrera
126. Commentary on the "Notification" Regarding Jon Sobrino... Cristianisme i JustĂ­cia
125. Jesus, Judas, Da Vinci... Xavier Alegre
124. Crimes and abuses of the Pharmaceutical Industry Teresa Forcades Vila
123. Refugees in the 21st century, can we find a solution? LluĂ­s MagrinyĂ 
123. Symbols of brotherhood J.I. González Faus
122. The Kioto Horizon
121. Fundamentalism Jaume Flaquer GarcĂ­a
120. Longing for a Greater Justice Antoni Blanch
119. Stacked cards Gonzalo Fanjul Suárez
118. Bush and his god Jaume Botey Vallès
117. To ransom the feminine Mº José Arana
116. I buy... therefore I am
115. Cinema and the metamorphosis of great epic tales Xavier Melloni Ribas
114. Democracy beyond the idols Josep Vives
113. A future for democracy, a democracy for world governability... MÂŞ Dolors Oller Sala
112. Why the church? J.I. González Faus
111. Global world, global ethics Joan Carrera Carrera
110. Can heaven wait? Joaquim Menacho
109. Renouncing modernity J.I. González Faus
108. One Hundred Years of Violence José Sols Lucia
107. From "The Sadness of being man" to "the freedom of... J.I. González Faus
106. World Bank & I.M.F.. For the aid of poor countries?
105. A letter to M.Angeles when she felt she was becoming an atheist... Josep Vives
104. Islam and the west Cristianisme i JustĂ­cia
103. Believing in the throes of the dark night V.V.A.A.
102. Subversive memory. Subjugating memory J.I. González Faus
101. Capitalism and democracy. In the XXI century Luis de Sebastián
100. Globalisation Josep F. Maria Serrano
99. And if God were not perfect? José Laguna
98. In search of the kingdom morals for the new millenium Joan Carrera Carrera
97. God's News short stories of solidarity V.V.A.A.
96. To serve for a spirituality of the fight for justice J.I. González Faus
95. The blind men and the elephant. The interreligous dialogue Xavier Melloni Ribas
94. The challenge of labour
93. The african Great Lakes
92. Equality, a pending subject Antoni ComĂ­n Oliveres
91. The third millenium - a challenge for the Church Cristianisme i JustĂ­cia
90. The shadows of war. Algeria and Kosovo J.I. González Faus
89. Earth's challenge. Ecology and justice in the XXI century... Joaquim Menacho
88. What the poor say to the Church José Mª Castillo
87. A just economic order Javier Vitoria
86. The legacy of Ignacio Ellacuría (ten years after martyrdom) José Sols Lucia
85. Irak,a preventive war?
84. New militancies for a new times Lourdes Zambrana
83. Wind of liberty. Fount of life. (In the Year of the Holy Spirit)... Josep Vives
82. Islam, a necessary dialogue Lluis Sols i Lucia
81. Believing from the dark night (II) V.V.A.A.
75. "God", on the threshold of the 21st century Josep Vives
68. Volonteers: both disciples and citizens Pedro Codures
51. The past and the future of evengalisation J.I. González Faus
39. Letter to an agnostic friend J.I. González Faus

ISSN (online) 2014-6574