Friends of god, prophets of the people

Publication date: 
February 2017

Throughout history, God acts and shows himself in many ways, and especially in his martyred male and female friends. Even at the cost of their lives such women undeniably witness to the identification and rejection of political systems that turn their backs on the most basic huuman rights. This booklet seeks to further their recognition and help us understand why such apparently fragilebeings should have come to threaten those who are powerful in worldly terms.


Clara MaríaTemporelli is from the Argentine, a Sister of the Company of Mary, Our Lady. She holds a Doctorate in Theology, teaches Psychology, and current lectures on Mariology in the Theology and Philosophy Faculty of the University of Our Saviour in Buenos Aires. She has been her Order's  Provincial for the Argentine and Southern Cone (2006-11), and she works in the Theology section of Cristianisme i Justícia's study centre. She has concentrated her activities on supporting popular movements and base communities. Among other publications, she is the author of Mary, Woman for God and for the Poor (2008), Women who are Strong Friends of God: A Threat to Whom and Why (2014), and Mary Through the Eyes of Latin-American Faith (2014).

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