God in Liquid Times

Publication date: 
March 2022

From a Christian and human perspective, all spiritual searching is something positive, but it requires a special effort of introspection and self-criticism. Some elements of Christian theology are indispensable and cannot be downplayed, since Christian theology must be done from the perspective of “the least and the last” of this world. It is to this debate that the present booklet seeks to make a contribution; it is the fruit of the reflection of a complete course in the theology seminar of Cristianisme i Justícia.


The members of the internal theology seminar are Manu Andueza, Núria Caum, Josep Cobo, Víctor Codina, Jaume Flaquer, Josep Giménez, José Ignacio González Faus, Víctor Hernández, Pilar de la Herrán, Tere Iribarren, José Laguna, Jesús Martínez Gordo, Joaquín Menacho, Carme Molist, Oriol Quintana, Josep M. Rambla, Lucía Ramon, Jesús Renau, Paco Tauste, and Javier Vitoria.

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