Modernitat i postmodernitat

9 March 2022

From a Christian and human perspective, all spiritual searching is something positive, but it requires a special effort of introspection and self-criticism. Some elements of Christian theology are indispensable and cannot be downplayed, since Christian theology must be done from the perspective of “the least and the last” of this world. It is to this debate that the present booklet seeks to make a contribution; it is the fruit of the reflection of a complete course in the theology seminar of Cristianisme i Justícia.

7 September 2020

This publication, according to the author, seeks to make a contribution to the elaboration of a new paradigm of vulnerability, a paradigm that takes issue with the narratives that have shaped the Western worldview of self-sufficiency and forgetfulness of the body. After an initial deconstructive moment, the booklet proposes the creation of a “somatopolitical” language, which uses the universal semantics of vulnerability to place at the very center of social praxis the ethical demand for responsibility and the political vindication of caring.

30 September 1999
1 August 2002
28 February 2010

Today, it is both a practical and tacit form of nihilism that exists,which is neither formulated nor expressed, yet which acts as a latentframework for a few specific lifestyles which certain thinkers havedescribed as the "culture of oblivion", the "era of emptiness","liquid modernity"... With this in mind, it only seems to put forwardthe claim for a form of justice that involves the recovery of memoryand a new sense of happiness."

1 March 2015

So thoroughly has capitalism penetrated into our daily existence (work, social relations, entertainment, etc.) that an alternative system can be developed only by drawing on the same everyday elements. The author approaches this challenge by asking what contribution Christian faith can make as a way of life, and how this faith can be enriched in turn by the profound transformations taking place all around us. A serene dialogue characterized by respect and openness may allow us to come upon an unexpected revolution that will help humankind to move beyond the present state of crisis.