How to think about change today

Publication date: 
December 2017

Change and social transformation, addressed form a polyhedral point of view, are the central issues of this booklet. 

In a time where it seems the course of history is accelerating, we reflect on the present time drawing from some of the most relevant political events in the last years; we make an approach to the notions of change and transformation and, finally, we take a closer look to some of the areas from which we can work for social change and transformation, attempting to start from a hopeful gaze over reality although this is not always easy. 

A booklet which, on a personal basis, seeks to inspire and encourage others to work from their everyday sphere, from both an individual and a collective dimension, and help to breed a new dignifying reality for all.


Professor of Social Anthropology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Its main topics of interest are related to social movements, the link between migration and development, and responsible consumption. He is a member of different organizations and social movements related to responsible consumption, food sovereignty and the environmental movement.

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