From hostility to hospitality

Publication date: 
June 2016

Hostility and hospitality. We swing back and forth from one to the other with regard to migrants. This booklet reflects on both attitudes, and it warns about the danger of hostility prevailing if we keep erecting external borders and internal borders... borders that kill. In response to that, the author calls for hospitality with biblical roots, based on full citizenship and neighborly relations.


Miguel González Martín (Bilbao, 1972) is coordinator of the Jesuit Migrant Service in Spain (SJME) and has been director of the Ignacio Ellacuría Social Fundation since June 2013. Formerly, he dedicated ten years to international development cooperation at Alboan, and then worked as director of immigration in the Social Affairs area of the Basque Government. He has a degree in Law and Religious Sciences from the University of Deusto, a diploma in Advanced Studies in Globalization and Development from the University of the Basque Country, and a master’s degree in Coaching of Persons and Teams from Mondragon University. He is the father of two daughters and one son.

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