Fear of Jesus: a diagnosis.

Publication date: 
August 2009

The same fear that Jesus Christ can inspire in us today he inspired in those days, not only in the Jewish religious authorities, but also in his own disciples.  Among these latter, however, the attraction of Jesus turned out to be stronger than the fear.  Something of that nature is what is asked of us today: that same confident following of Jesus which dares to hear the oft-repeated words, “Do not be afraid”.


Jesuit. Member of the Área Teológica de Cristianisme i Justícia. His works include La humanidad nueva. Ensayo de cristología (1974); Acceso a Jesús (1979) and Proyecto de hermano, Visión creyente del hombre (1989). His other books are El rostro humano de Dios (2008), Otro mundo es posible... desde Jesús (2009) and Herejías del catolicismo actual (2013). Cristianisme i Justícia republished his work Vicarios de Cristo: los pobres (Vicars of Christ: the Poor) in 2018. He is the author of numerous booklets published in this collection. 


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