What is happening in the church?

Publication date: 
February 2008

For years now, our society is becomingincreasingly conscious of a deep crisisin the Catholic Church. For some,this represents a confirmation of the end of Christianity. For others it represents something that could be described as a regression, or a “winter-time” of the Church (K. Rahner), a return to the bastions1, a State coup by the so-called “Theocons” or using the more traditional Teresian expression: “hard times”.


José Ignacio González Faus, sj. Is member of the theological area of Cristianisme i Justícia, has published other works in this same collection.

Josep Giménez Melià, sj. is a Doctor in Theology. He works as a Professor in the Facultyof Theology in Catalonia, in the Institute of Fundamental Theology and in the HigherInstitute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona. He works as a Visiting Professor with theUniversity of Central America in El Salvador (UCA). He is editor of the review Seleccionesde Teología and a member of the theological forum of Cristianisme i Justícia.

Jesuit. Theologian. Specialist in Ignatian spirituality. Study spirituality from insertion into a popular environment and social action. Among his publications: "God, friendship and the poor" (Sal Terrae). "Ignacio de Loyola, lay and Jesuit" (-eides, n. 48)

Xavier Alegre, s.j. is a Professor of the New Testament in the Faculty of Theology ofCatalunya and in the UCA of San Salvador. He is also a member of Cristianisme i Justícia.

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