Sons and daughters of a pilgrim. Towards a Theology of Migrations

Publication date: 
May 2018

Given that the worldwide movement of migrants and refugees is a “sign of the times,” the situations that give rise to this reality cannot remain on the margins of theological reflection. Responding to this need is the theology of migrations, a new discipline grounded in biblical tradition and the magisterium. The author of the present booklet examines this pressing concern in depth, highlighting the five most important issues for our day and age: identity, dignity, justice, hospitality, and integration.


Alberto Ares is a jesuit, phD in International Migrations and Development Cooperation. He has accompanied several migrant communities throughout the world. He has directed the “Red Incola” foundation in Valladolid and “Pueblos Unidos” in Madrid. He specialized in Social Ethics, Economics and Theology. He is currently the Director at the Instituto Universitario de Estudios sobre Migraciones (Institute of Migration Studies) at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (Pontifical University of Comillas). He is the author of: La rueca migratoria: tejiendo historias y experiencias de integración (2017)

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