The questions we carry within us.

Publication date: 
March 2009

Death is a subject that raises so many questions. A first question would be: where "are" those loved ones that death has snatched away from us? A second question: where will we "be" when the same happens to us? These are questions with complex answers that leave us with a sense of uncertainty and anxiety. This booklet seeks to reflect on the quest or search that these questions have brought about within the context of Christian theology.


Josep Giménez Melià, sj. is a Doctor in Theology. He works as a Professor in the Facultyof Theology in Catalonia, in the Institute of Fundamental Theology and in the HigherInstitute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona. He works as a Visiting Professor with theUniversity of Central America in El Salvador (UCA). He is editor of the review Seleccionesde Teología and a member of the theological forum of Cristianisme i Justícia.

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