Tax Justice, a Global Struggle

Publication date: 
December 2018

When we speak about government finance and taxes, we are confronted with a lot of questions: do we pay too many taxes? are they really put to good use? could we save on them? does it make sense for me to pay taxes when there is so much government corruption? For a long time the question of tax policy has been left out of political and social debate. Only in recent years, with the impact of economic crisis and globalization, are we again focusing on this question that is crucial for maintaining our welfare states. The debate about tax policy leads us to a further discussion about what model of society we desire and how we want to finance it. After 27 years Cristianisme i Justícia wants to address once again the tensions and the questions involved in creating a just fiscal system, one that fosters social solidarity. Such a system is an essential element in the fight against inequality.


Xavier Casanovas has a licentiate degree in mathematics and a master’s in business administration. He is the director of Cristianisme i Justícia and the coordinator of the Platform for a Just Tax Policy.

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