Seeking Sanctuary: The Political Construction Of Habitable Places

Publication date: 
December 2019

The political construction of places safe from profanation involves defending those “sacred places” we  have already established, demolishing dwellings that have become unlivable, and building new multicultural homes that are sustainable and non-discriminatory, recognizing and welcoming negated identities. The author invites us to abandon our passivity and become architects and masons so as to keep the world from ending up “a huge commercial center where every reality carries a sticker price and a bar code.”


Is married with children, a theologian, and a musician. He holds a degree in Theology from the Centre Sèvres in Paris and a Diploma in Advanced Legal Studies (Jurisprudence). For Cristianisme i Justícia he has written 'What if God was less than perfect ? Towards a kinder spirituality' (Booklet 99, October 2000), 'De la liberación a la inclusión' (Cuaderno 127, September 2004), ‘Taking stock of reality, taking responsability for reality, and taking charge of reality’ (Booklet 143, January 2011) and ‘Evangelical distopias’ (Booklet 148, May 2013).

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