Itinerant lives: for an interreligious theology of migrations

Publication date: 
November 2007

Immigration is one of the main challenges faced by western societies. Spain faces the issue of creating a new society in which immigrants can be made to feel as though they belong. Jaume Flaquer's intention in this study, is to open up a new perspective on the subject, where the immigrant is not seen as a danger, or as an economic opportunity, but rather as an example of a 'free' or 'liberated' person, whose life can be understood as a search or journey of hope towards an uncertain future. 


JAUME FLAQUER, a Jesuit, is coordinator of the Theological Area of CristianismeiJustícia and professor in the Theology Faculty of Catalunya. He has a degree in Philosophy from the Universitat de Barcelona, a degree in Theology from the Centre Sèvres of Paris, and a PhD in Islamic Studies from the École Pratique des Hautes Études of Sorbonne with a thesis on the Sufi master Ibn Arabî. His previous publications with Cristianisme i Justícia are Fundamentalism (Booklet 121, 2005) and Itinerant live (Booklet 128, 2007).

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