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From "tragedy" to "miracle"? Africa in the new multipolar context

Publication date: 
March 2015

This booklet aims to analyse which elements characterise the political, social and economic reality of Africa against the backdrop of the new political and economic context of the modern world, (multipolarity, the leadership of emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil, as well as so-called South-South Cooperation). Is Africa facing a new and hopeful future in contrast with a present and a past that has been dominated by war, hunger and poverty?


Head of the Social Justice and Christianity and professor of cooperation and development of the Universitat Ramon Llull. His main areas of interest are related to peace, security and development in sub-Saharan Africa or social movements and social change. With CJ published "Africa, the continent battered" (Notebook No. 137). Does the blog "Everything is possible." Twitter: @ oscarmateos1

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