Pobresa i exclusió social

27 May 2021

That was question asked by Hillary Clinton, then-Secretary of State, when she heard about the earthquake that had devastated Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. It is also the question that echoes all through this booklet. Readers themselves may also at first be asking: Why Haiti? Why Haiti? Why dedicate a whole booklet to Haiti? Maybe the reason is that now, ten years after that cataclysmic earthquake, it is the tiny, invisible country of Haiti that most clearly makes manifest all the injustices and contradictions of our globalization.

9 September 2020

The coronavirus is pouncing on a world in which inequality has grown in the majority of countries, situated in an economic system that favors the hoarding of wealth, income, opportunities and natural resources by a few people. By not confronting this enormous crisis in a way that is different from others, we will be aiding a sharp growth  in poverty and the widening of the gap that divides humankind into those that have access to protection and those that are left to the elements.

4 May 2020

In this booklet, we will be calling upon different people to tell us about their own experiences, in order to give us their personal testimony. These are real life testimonies which will invite us to discover faith from the perspective of justice.

1 December 2016

The feminization of poverty has been long invisible, since analyses of poverty and social exclusion have not taken gender into account. The difficulty of access to education, to land and to credit together with greater in security and vulnerability in the labour market have contributed to female impoverishment, with the result that 'poverty has a woman's face'. This state of affairs needs to become more visible with gender understood as a risk factor when it comes to undergoing poverty.

1 September 2016

In the thirty-fifth year of its existence, Cristianisme i Justícia now issues its 200th booklet. We have always sought to kindle hope and feed a widely-shared desire for a world that is more just and more fraternal. In keeping with that desire and alert to the world around us, the present publication aims to provide a clear account of the teamwork in which our Centre is engaged, and a reliable guide to the challenges on which Cristianisme i Justícia reflects now and in the future. We also invite to join us all those engaged in dialogue between faith and the struggle for a juster world.

31 October 2004
1 December 2009

Dorothy Day is perhaps the most important figure in twentieth century North American Catholicism.A layperson, a mother, a grandmother, a worker, a revolutionary and a deeply religious woman, Dorothy offers us a new way of life for these difficult times at the start of the twenty-first century.

30 June 2007

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) published a Notification  regarding the theological works of Jon Sobrino: “Jesus the liberator” and “Christ the liberator”. This document concludes that in these two books, there are discrepancies between the Faith and the Church. The booklet tries to analyse CDF’s writing and to offer ours reflections regarding each chapter of this Notification.

1 June 2006

En el breu període que va de 2000 a 2003, gairebé la totalitat deles grans companyies farmacèutiques van passar pels tribunalsdels EEUU, acusades de pràctiques fraudulentes. Quines són aquestes actuacions? Qui en rep les conseqüències?Què mou a les companyies farmacèutiques a actuar així? Quinesrespostes s'estan produint davant d'aquests abusos i quines cal quees produeixin encara?