The Virus of Inequality and the Pandemic of Poverty

Publication date: 
September 2020

The coronavirus is pouncing on a world in which inequality has grown in the majority of countries, situated in an economic system that favors the hoarding of wealth, income, opportunities and natural resources by a few people. By not confronting this enormous crisis in a way that is different from others, we will be aiding a sharp growth  in poverty and the widening of the gap that divides humankind into those that have access to protection and those that are left to the elements.


With a long career in international relations, Jose MP (Chema) Vera has been the Director of Oxfam Intermon, and is currently the Director of Oxfam International. For many years he has been a collaborator with Cristianisme i Justícia. He is a member of the Board of Trustees and in 2002 he published “International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the aid of poor countries?” (Booklet #106).

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