Thanks to you, we will continue supporting reflection, commitment and hope

Letter to supporters of Cristianisme i Justícia

Dear Friend,

In this difficult year of 2020, we are writing to remind you that, in spite of all the circumstances, we want to continue being for you a fount of reflection, commitment and hope. The current crisis which has been caused by the pandemic has created a large impact in our lives. In spite of everything, we would like to continue being faithful to the commitments we have made to you.

During the last few months, through our publications and courses, we have become aware of our condition of vulnerability and its political implications, we have explored in depth the process of secularization in Europe, we have again brought to the forefront the reality of countries like Haiti, we have examined the mysteries of the pandemic, we have informed ourselves so as to understand better the climate emergency. We have accomplished all of this through different and new formats (booklets -digital and on paper-, articles, videos, virtual lectures, social media, etc.) sent to more than 41,000 people throughout the world.

We believe that our work is key to bringing you the kind of reflection that helps us to live the present with more depth.

In spite of the moments in which we are now living, we share with you the desire that we might never stop walking together toward the horizon of justice sustained by this reflection that gives us life. Please accept our most sincere and cordial greetings.

Cristianisme i Justícia