Presentation of the "Forgotten Conflicts" campaign

Five conflicts that need to be kept visible so that they do not fall into oblivion in spite of the silence of the media and the centrality of the pandemic in our attention.

The pandemic has been the center of a large part of the social and theological reflection of Cristianisme i Justícia during this past year and a half. In spite of everything, we have tried to maintain a space to continue reflecting from the viewpoint of faith and justice about other social problems of the present time throughout the world that unfortunately have been eclipsed by this phenomenon. 

With this goal in mind, we present the campaign #ForgottenConflicts. During the week we have published five extensive articles on the Blog CJ about five countries immersed in conflicts of long duration that need to be brought to the fore so that they are not forgotten in spite of the silence of the media. We are speaking about Yemen, Honduras, Western Sahara, the Central African Republic and Myanmar. All of the articles are accompanied by projects rooted in the territory and campaigns of denunciations by various entities that are working to eradicate the conflict and the continual violations of human rights.

The authors of the articles are local persons from the territory, or who have a proximate knowledge given the experience of having lived there working on various projects. The campaign will conclude with the publication of a Notebook in the Virtual Collection that will see the light of day at the end of June.