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1 December 2009

Dorothy Day is perhaps the most important figure in twentieth century North American Catholicism.A layperson, a mother, a grandmother, a worker, a revolutionary and a deeply religious woman, Dorothy offers us a new way of life for these difficult times at the start of the twenty-first century.

31 January 2009

Four individuals recount their experience of returning to the faithafter years spent drifting away from the Church. Nowadays, this is notan isolated phenomenon, but is instead an example of how unfathomablethe ways of God are, and how such great goodness can be found in eachone of these personal quests. These four testimonies only require thatthey be heard without bias: they are not claiming to represent anyform of proselytism or polemics.

1 February 2014

At a political and cultural moment like ours, with its all-pervasive mediocrity, the figure of Tolstoy, at once revolutionary and spiritual, may serve as a stimulus for a generation of citizens who are perplexed, indignant, and rebellious. The present booklet captures the genius of this great moral teacher, the likes of whom are only too rare in our present day.