An ignatian immersion course 2014

An International Immersion Course on Ignatian Spirituality

The team of the Cave of Saint Ignatius is especially interested in all that is related to the “inner self”, from the point of view of the “power” that radiates from the school of thought of the Exercises and from Saint Ignatius who encouraged to adjust to and become incarnate in every specific historical moment. In collaboration with “Cristianisme i Justicia” and with the “Fundacio Jesuites Educacio” a seminar has been started off on “inner self” with a concern to retake personal sacred spaces because the prevailing culture tends to put them down thus causing situations of human impoverishment.  In English: from 27th april to 7th june, 2014. Visit the leaflet In Spanish: from 3th november to 14th december, 2013. Visit the leaflet Visit video and information.