Ten boats stranded on a beach

Virtual Collection
Publication date: 
May 2014

Jesuit Fr. Josep Lluis Iriberri was director of the Migrant Reception Center in Casablanca. For many years he directly witnessed the passage through that city of hundreds of women from sub-Saharan Africa who were seeking the European dream. This experience moved him to collect some of these stories through interviews, the fruit of which is presented in this booklet. “Ten Stranded Boats” does not just denounce an injustice; it urges people to ask, “What future can we offer these women?”


Fr. Iriberri has degrees in biology from the University of Barcelona and in theology from the faculty Lovain la Neuf in Brussels. He was founder and first director (2007 - 2010) of the Service Accueil Migrantes (SAM). He is presently professor at the University Ramón Llull.

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