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Anti-racist Struggles. The continuity of a very long memory

Publication date: 
June 2020

Racism is something more profound than the explicit prejudices and stereotypes expressed by intolerant or reactionary individuals. That is to say, discrimination is not just a question of people who are bigoted. Discrimination is inevitably produced by a system that classifies and grades persons and peoples. Such a system calls into question the humanity of persons or behaviors that are different from those of the supposedly ideal modern subject, namely, the white, well-off, heterosexual male. Rather than understand racism from an individual and/or moral perspective, as a question of intolerant people, we understand it as part of a political, economic, cultural, and social system that arises from the very model of society that we live in.


Florencia Brizuela González has a doctorate in law and political science from the University of Barcelona. She also has a master’s degree in citizenship and human rights and a master’s degree in international studies, from the same University of Barcelona. Her fields of investigation are human rights, feminism, anti-racism, and the rights of women.

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