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30 June 2004
31 December 2008

The author of this booklet,  an expert in Ratzinger's theology, has in a few pages and through the use of clear, intelligible language, attempted to put the Christology of J. Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, into context, from the perspective of his theological biography. This background is necessary if we want to avoid relying on the use of stereotypes, and if we want to fully appreciate what is being said in its correct context, at both a theological and ecclesiastical level.

31 January 2006
31 January 2009

Four individuals recount their experience of returning to the faithafter years spent drifting away from the Church. Nowadays, this is notan isolated phenomenon, but is instead an example of how unfathomablethe ways of God are, and how such great goodness can be found in eachone of these personal quests. These four testimonies only require thatthey be heard without bias: they are not claiming to represent anyform of proselytism or polemics.

1 October 2015

Recalling Saint Thomas’s "five ways" for approaching the reality of God, the author of this booklet proposes five other ways (science, philosophy, ethics, esthetics, and mysticism). While accepting that "in God we can only believe,” he does not concede that faith is irrational and unfounded. The booklet is dedicated “To all those who are searching, perhaps with great eagerness, and don’t seem to find anything. Also to those who doubt."