La Cova de Manresa

The Cova de Sant Ignacio in Manresa offers exercises, interiority, silence and spirituality, aimed at both believers and non-believers, with a special focus on young people. The Spirituality Centre has all the necessary conditions to retreat and enjoy a few days of prayer as well as a wide and varied programme. La Cova collaborates closely with the Escola Ignasiana d'Espiritualitat (EIDES) de Cristianisme i Justícia, and the fruit of this collaboration are the following activities for the academic year 2022-2023.

More information and registration: 93 872 04 22 - -

Ignatian Immersion Course (English and Spanish editions)

We will deepen the legacy of Ignatius of Loyola in order to inspire a Christian life in our society and Church, and also for the formation in the spiritual accompaniment of individuals and communities. 

  • English edition: From 5 November to 20 December 2022. Coordination: Josep Ll. Iriberri sj.
  • English edition: From 22 April to 4 June 2023. Coordination: Joaqui Salord sj.